Minnehaha Creek WPA Walls

Minneapolis, Minnesota


This project was located within the Minnehaha Falls Park in the City of Minneapolis. We utilized a combination of diversion and dewatering pumps to control the flow of the creek during operations. We were able to successfully divert the flow of water to one side of the creek bed and perform our work on the other, then rotate and complete work on the other side.The existing limestone retaining wall (approximately 1,250 linear feet) required excavation below the wall and installation of structural concrete underpinning foundation without disruption of the wall. We then salvaged material from exis ting creek bed to use as riprap cover over completed footings. Downstream from these locations bank stabilization with a combination of riprap, stone erosion control blocks and flagstone pavers was completed to save the bank from future erosion. Access locations and staging area were restored to “Park” conditions by reseeding and erosion blanket installation. 


Throughout this project the park remained open to the public. We were able to maintain a worksite that was safe for our employees as well as the public with no reported injuries. Although our contract was with USACE, ownership was established through a partnering of USACE, Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board and Minnehaha Creek Watershed. 


This project was complete and accepted as final in June of 2009 (2 months ahead of schedule).

Contract Details


  • Value: $1,123,566.00

  • Project Manager: Jon Fank

  • QC & Safety Manager: Mark Lannon

  • Affiliate: USACE St. Paul Office