Fountain City Service Building Demolition

Fountain City, Wisconsin


This project was located in Fountain City, WI and consisted of demolition of a 120’ x 64’ one story clay block building with steel supporting frames and trusses. The roof was composed of wood decking over the trusses and a rubber roof overlayment. The floor was concrete with frost footings. Our contract required “complete demolition, removal, disposal at an offsite location, and site cleanup of Building # 7 to include: roof; walls; wiring and conduit; windows and doors; any remaining shelving; steel structural members; and concrete floor and frost footings. The exterior wall facing the railroad tracks will remain to support current access to the service base. A 7’ high chain link fence must be erected along the edge of the entrance road upon completion of demolition of the wall adjacent to the entrance road."  


After determining the steel structure to be sound, we removed the exterior walls with a combination of wrecking ball, excavator and skid loaders.  We used an excavator with a “thumb” attachment to remove the wood roof structure one section at a time. As each section of the roof was removed, we stabilized the truss that was away from the remaining roof structure with the excavator/thumb. We used a telescoping lift with platform to remove the horizontal bracing and then lowered truss.  Trusses were cut on the ground at sufficient length to allow recycling. After all trusses were disposed of, we removed the concrete floor and frost footings and installed the new security fence. Scheduling the work in this manner allowed us a stable concrete working platform for all overhead activities. We achieved increased worker safety as well as ease of daily jobsite cleaning efforts. The Service Base remained operational during the entire process.

Contract Details


  • Value: $91,025.00

  • Project Manager: Mark Lannon

  • Affiliate: Fountain City Service Base