Enders Dam Concrete & Steel Repair

Enders, Nebraska


This project was located on the Enders Reservoir near Enders, NE. The contract required the bridge to be lifted and supported during the repair operations.

We closed the highway and detoured traffic during the construction. The bridge was lifted to allow access for the repairs. The bridge is split into two sections, each having three spans of beams. There was an existing concrete overlay which the expansion joints in the overlay did not line up with the joints in the structure. All three spans of each section were lifted simultaneously with no damage to the deck surface.


We performed isolated concrete removals and structural repair to the piers and beam structures. We also completed surface repair of the concrete spillway. The existing core holes through the deck were corrected and we installed new steel drain extensions.


The steel roller bearings and plates were replaced and the fixed bearings had the existing lead based paint removed and were repainted. We installed new non-shrink grout under the new plates and performed minor repairs under the existing plates that remained in place.

Contract Details


  • Value: $457,831.00

  • Project Manager: Mark Lannon

  • Affiliate: Bureau of Reclamation