Bemidji South Shore Restoration Project

Bemidji, MN


         This project consisted of over 9,500 yards of wood and sawdust debris removal with the use of two long reach backhoes and a PC300 to load the entire debris out. Also, roughly 600 additional yards of hazardous contaminated material was carefully and safely disposed of along with the wood & sawdust debris. Our 3 Volvo A40 offroad trucks managed the rough terrain and were able to haul back and forth without getting stuck. Around 9,000 yards of beach sand was then hauled in and spread with two D61 dozers. Beforehand, we installed and erected 1,600 linear feet of 50 ft. & 100 ft. sections of cofferdams to retain water out of the project. With the use of 1,500 linear feet of sand points, two 6 inch pumps, and two 8 inch pumps running non-stop, we were able to dewater over 5 acres of Lake Bemidji and maintain a dry and suitable work environment for the duration of the project. This project was started and completed in just over 2 months time.

Contract Details


  • Value: $1,123,566.00

  • Project Manager: Ryan Blank

  • Affiliate: City of Bemidji, MN

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